Monday, July 19, 2010


ING ADAPT is a Discretionary PMS.


Objective of the Portfolio:
To generate long term capital appreciation by investing in multiple asset classes, according to the risk band specified for each of the investment options.


• Assets allocation in
     o Equity- direct into equity/ mutual funds including ETFs
     o Debt- Mutual Funds including ETFs
     o Gold- ETFs
     o Cash- Mutusl funds including ETFs
     o Global Products- Global Feeder Funds domiciled in India

• Investment Options
     o Very Conservative
     o Conservative
     o Moderate and
     o Aggressive

• Only Dynamic Asset Allocation facility, Not static for any investment option.
• The asset allocation will be rebalanced monthly.
• No Benchmark for the fund.
• Disciplined investment procedures.

• Monthly Downside return: This is maximum monthly negative return (if any) expected by the fund manager.
     o Very Conservative: -1.5%
     o Conservative: -3.25%
     o Moderate: -5%
     o Aggressive: -7%

Analysis & Recommendation:
The features highlighted like dynamic asset allocation (not static assets allocation) is now offered by many PMSs. However, the PMS offered by ING has some unique features. ING ADAPT will invest in Gold and Cash ETFs along with other instruments make this fund unique. The Portfolio manager has clearly defined downside risk. The Portfolio will be managed by robust process to avoid human error which is already tested in their earlier products. ING ADAPT says that the fund is even suitable for first time investor. In my view if you have a balanced investment portfolio (like separate investment in PPF, FDs, And Mutual fund etc) you may go for it.


Anonymous said...

Seems a good PMS. Please tell us more PMS, so that we can choose one of them.

Anonymous said...

ADAPT is great on paper. In reality it merely depends on the market movement. You might be better of investing in a mutual fund instead. This has high maintenance charges which eats up any profit that you might make.

Anonymous said...

Excellent concept. I have invested and very pleased I did so..